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Made popular 1616 days ago in Soccer — Today is the first day of the FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany. The US-team is one of the favorites for the title, but do you care?

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Are you going to watch the FIFA Women's World Cup?
Only the games of the US Team
Only the games of the American Teams (USA, Mexico & Canada)
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Posted 1616 days ago
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I do care. I wish them luck and hope they win. I won't watch because I would rather take a beating than have to suffer through a Soccer match. It's got to be one of the most boring games ever conceived. Sorry soccer fans but televised golf is the thing I can think of that's worse.
Posted 1615 days ago
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@arrowdave, try cricket or baseball for more boring sports events.

Women's soccer is in fact nicer to watch than Men's soccer, not because of boobs moving, but because they play football instead of fight football. Less foulplay, more running and playing and shooting.
The opening game between Canada and Germany was really good and after the 2-1 quite exiciting.
Posted 1615 days ago
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I don't know about baseball it's at least fun to play but I'll damn sure give you cricket!
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