After effectively securing the GOP presidential nomination Romney's numbers are historically low for challenging candidatesUser provided
Made popular 1279 days ago in Politics — BuzzFeed looks back at CNN polling and finds Mitt Romney will be the only presidential nominee since 1996 who left the primary season with a negative net approval rate.

The results: Dole +22, Gore +17, Bush +19, Kerry +17, McCain +19, Obama +18 and Romney -12.

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Will the Republican base accept Romney in sufficient numbers on the 6th of Nov?
No, he will lose the election to Obama
Yes, he will defeat Obama
This is not a scientific survey, click here to learn more. Results may not total 100% due to rounding and voting descrepencies.
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He is attemting to have a liberal image but - with two hundred million in personal wealth and an according lifestyle - he will remain out-of-touch to many of the voters, especially conservatives. Some will vote for him quite relucatntly but many will stay home.
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I think it's the 3rd of November a Tuesday.
Posted 1279 days ago
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You democraps got your desired candidate. Andrea Mitchell is already attacking his Mormon faith. Liberals are disgusting examples of the human race.
Posted 1278 days ago
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Considering this is a CNN poll I would find is somewhat suspect at best. They have a history of over sampling democRATs and skewing their polls to receive the desired outcomes.
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