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nlpc.org — The report by the NY Times that it would take up to 27 years for Chevy Volt buyers to save enough money in gas costs to make up for the high price of the car must be very confusing for apologists of the vehicle. The normal defense for any criticism is to accuse sources of having a right wing hate of the car. But the NY Times? The very vocal Volt defenders, who are quick to attack anyone who doesn't agree that the car is a technological marvel worthy of billions of dollars of taxpayer largess, will have to attribute the left-leaning Times' criticism to something other than a political agenda.

Many stories are circulated falsely proclaiming that a "crapload" of money can be saved by buying a Volt. The Times explains the misconception stating, "So why do some buyers pay more for advanced technology that might not save them money? Many never do the math, analysts say, or they tend to overestimate how much the added miles per gallon translate into actual monetary savings."

Of course, given the political nature of the Volt, it is more likely that outright lies rather than poor math skills are leading to the flood of pro-Volt stories. I have written in the past about the simple math of gas savings for the Volt that equate to about $2 a day in fuel savings. When you have a President of the USA campaigning on the perceived success of the Volt and General Motors, it is not surprising that false reports are circulated regarding the benefits of the vehicle. The Times report is a tough one for Government Motors to counter since the old "Rush Limbaugh/Fox News/right wing lies" defense will not work.

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Omitting Social Security and Medicare is the bailout of GM and Chrysler to payoff the UAW the biggest scam the democRATs have ever pulled on the taxpaying citizens?
Yes, a 27 year return on investment is something only a tree hugging liberal could love.
Anyone who would buy a volt would have to be a brain dead liberal zombie.
Yes, it would at least have to be in the running.
Maybe not, we're still waiting for the benefits from all the money thrown at the "Great Society".
All these and so many more, yet the Volt appears to be a great Obama boondoggle.
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That is the biggest scam next to dumbocare.
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