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Made popular 1334 days ago in Politics — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Congress a mockery in an interview with Charlie Rose Monday. Pelosi also claimed Congress held 40 percent approval during her tenure as Speaker of the House. According to Gallup, the Congressional approval average over the course of her speakership was 24 percent

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Does this show a good example that the liberals are liars and out of touch with America?
Yes, she also said "we have to pass bobocare to find out what's in it."
No one can believe a word they say.
No, pelusi doesn't know how to count and doesn't know what approval ratings mean.
Yes, all smoke and mirrors.
Yes, it's always been a shell game.
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This democRAT leader is either a World class liar or delusional. Probably both. I would never let her park her broom in my garage.
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