Pandora's Box - If Medicare Is OK, Obamacare Should Be
Made popular 1253 days ago in Opinion — The lawyers challenging the Affordable Care Act will offer many arguments next week, when they make their case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. But their most central claim is that the law is “unprecedented”—that it represents “a revolution in the relationship between the central government and the governed.”

As they tell it, the requirement that nearly everybody obtain insurance, or pay a penalty to the government, forces people to pay for something they might not want or need. The constitution, they say, does not “empower Congress to seize control over decisions so basic as to how the people spend their money.”

Put aside, for a moment, the fine distinctions of the interstate commerce clause and other constitutional matters the court must ponder. In principle, is the basic obligation that comes with health care reform—to pay for a mutual protection scheme that some individuals might not find advantageous or desirable—really so novel?

Hardly. It’s an obligation most of us meet on a regular basis, every time we get a paycheck.

I’m speaking, of course, about Social Security and Medicare. Each program is a form of “social insurance” and each serves the same basic function: To protect us from financial shocks that we cannot anticipate or avoid. With Social Security, the shock is reaching retirement without enough income. With Medicare, the shock is high medical bills during old age. During our working years, we pay into these programs by handing over portions of our incomes, in the form of payroll taxes. And we don't have a choice about it, unless we want to start evading taxes.

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If the affordable health care law is found unconstitutional, could medicare be unconstitutional too?
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Posted 1253 days ago
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Odd, the radical Left is attacking its' own programs. The idea that if you do not accept obamanation care, you will lose Medicare is the same old BS we always hear from the Democrats.

Obamanationcare is a dog and all they will do is try to scare people and put lipstick on a pig.

The Democrats lost big time doing this and now they will have to pay for their stupidity and refusal to listen.
Posted 1252 days ago
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AMEN James. "Affordable healthcare?" Really? The man child rammed through this garbage and all his little children follow him like barney. Soon, the adults will be back in and the Country turned back around. Amazing how stupid the left is. Desparation of their hero's falling poll numbers is deafening. I like it. :-)
Posted 1252 days ago
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Duh, not only is Obamacare and Medicare but so is Social Security. That's what Conservatives are all about... follow the Constitution! Period!
Posted 1252 days ago
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Also, in order to get around the problem of forcing Americans to buy something, FDR and Johnson called Social Security and Medicare payments a tax. Obamacare cannot do that because Obama couldn't get the single payer version through the Senate. So Healthcare payments made to private insurance companies must be viewed as purchases of a product or service.

In fact a second argument to be used next week is that since an American would have to purchase insurance as a result of simply being alive, contract law now becomes problematic. Buying insurance policy is a "contract." Contracts are null and void if either party enters the contract uder duress. Imagine all the legal suits that will be brought on that issue.
Posted 1252 days ago
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Just as long as you Republicans know that the same argument will be applied to invalidate medicare and social security.
Posted 1252 days ago
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Don't you Liberals listen to anything? Ryan's budget this year and last year effectively said just that. Except for those on or about to be on those programs, they're dead because they're unconstitutional and unsustainable
Posted 1252 days ago
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Brilliant in its Simplicity

A) Back off and let those men who want to marry men, to marry men.

B) Allow those women who want to marry women, to marry women.

C) Allow those folks who want to abort their babies, to abort their babies.

D) In three generations, there will be no Democrats.

I love it when a good plan comes together!
Posted 1252 days ago
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Why are democRATs and liberals all such blooming morons?

I am pretty certain that any democRAT, liberal, progressive or whatever lable they are hiding behind today will lower the cummulative IQ of any room they enter!
Posted 1251 days ago
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I would LOVE to see the Democrats say they rare going to dump SS & Medicare, if obamanationcare is killed! Please, please do so and make sure you let everyone know.
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