Santorum: Single Moms Are "Breeding More Criminals"
Made popular 1363 days ago in Politics — During his first US Senate campaign, Rick Santorum warned voters of a growing menace that was "breeding more criminals" and threatened to destroy America from within: single mothers.

"Most people agree a continuation of the current [welfare] system will be the ruination of this country," Santorum told a town meeting in Clairton, Pa., in February 1994, according to transcripts of the appearance obtained by Mother Jones. "We are seeing it. We are seeing the fabric of this country fall apart, and it's falling apart because of single moms."

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Does Santorum have personal issues with women
I have no doubt he does
Yes, for sure
Maybe, he does seem to hate them
No he loves women, he just doesn't have sex with his wife
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Posted 1363 days ago
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Not sure hate is the right word, but he feels threatened by liberated women.

I think he uses conservatism as means to maintain woman as subservient to men. He's no different than muslim men who use their book to deceive and coerce people into believing that women's rights are subject to…...
Posted 1363 days ago
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You liberals ceated the race card and now creating the victim card. Too much time on your hands. Maybe you should get a job and take responsibility for your own actions and lives instead of playing victims for free hand-outs.
Posted 1363 days ago
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Hank, your poll lacks an option for "No". You did a standard "Heads, I win. Tails, you lose" liberal agenda attack poll.

Has it ever occured to you zany liberals that he is stating a fact? Every study shows single parent homes increases the chances of the child having problems.
Posted 1362 days ago
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Proof again that you are a libtard and a firm opinionated Obamabot who believes everything the elite liberal media throws your way. Facts are stubborn animals. Not something a democRAT follower would ever be aware of.
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