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Made popular 1369 days ago in Opinion — I’ve been shocked by many positions conservatives have taken in recent years, but I can honestly say that none was quite as flabbergasting as the opposition to the auto bailout. Their opposition to health-care reform—totally understandable. Their whacks at the domestic budget, their hue and cry against the stimulus, their battle to rein in entitlement spending, even their posture on social and cultural issues—all were taken to extremes, but each of those made a kind of sense when you thought about the party’s trajectory over the past couple of decades.

But the idea of letting one of the country’s most important industries just wither and die? This, I remember thinking at the time, was the jump-the-shark moment. I couldn’t believe that their hatred of Obama and of any action involving the federal government was so great that they’d let hundreds of thousands of people—in key states like Michigan and Ohio, no less—lose their jobs. I was also dumbfounded that, for a pretty long time, the American people, so inculcated with mistrust of the government, opposed the bailout. As late as September 2010 there was a poll showing that people were against the bailout by 56 to 43 percent.

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Republicans were willing to let maybe a quarter-million families lose their breadwinner out of hatred of Obama and ideological rigidity is beyond comprehension?
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Posted 1369 days ago
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Ford is doing fine w/o the bail out and never took any $$$

GM is still trapped in the management mode that caused them problems. The goverment screwed the bond holders to gain union votes. The Union, a major problem, is stronger than ever.

Trying to keep something open is NOT always the best idea.

To big to fail means we pump tax money into a it w/o fixing the cause of the problems.

The goverment caused new ones too.
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If I ever buy a union made Detroit automobile again which is highly doubtful it will be a Ford! Ever had the pleasure of working around union labor? An experience you all should have before placing them on a pedestal and feeling sorry for so called "working families".

This was a bail out for Obama's union official supporters and the continued laundering of the members dues the democRAT party and to pander back to the rank and file what a fine fellow Obama is and nothing more. It sure throws the screws back to the taxpayers, not that it's much of a surprise.
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Cliff, the reason you're confused on this issue is that you are a Liberal Lemming. The Auto Industry bailout was a farce. If the auto industry went into bankruptcy at the time of the bailout, the impact on jobs would have been roughly the same as when it did go into bankruptsy several months later, except for this: the union contracts would have been renegotiated, the Bondholders would have kept their investments even if at a lower face value, The unions wouldn't own a huge part of the industry, and America wouldn't still be sitting on a $23 billion debt that may never be repaid.

The only people who were saved in the bailout were the union leaders. If not for the bailout, they wouldn't have the power and money they now have. People who believe that Democrats care about the workers of America have their heads up their butts.

Cliff, you can prove my point by simply taking a very deep breath through your nose. If you smell the overpowering fragrance of your own shit, your a Democrat. Oh, one more thing, less than 1% of those head-up-the-butt conditions can be reversed, so unfortunately, get used to it!
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