Santorum Backer Foster Friess Apologizes for Contraception
Made popular 1326 days ago in Opinion — Foster Friess, a major donor to the super PAC backing Rick Santorum, has apologized for a joke about contraception that prompted outrage from women's groups. "Back in my days, they used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives," Friess said on MSNBC on Thursday, adding: "The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn't that costly." The implication was that women held the aspirin between their legs, which left them unable to open them.

"To those who applauded my comments and remembered the joke, thanks for your encouragement," Friess concluded his apology. "To those who thought I was callously encouraging that as a prescription for today, I kindly ask your forgiveness."

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Are you offended by this joke?
No, you would have to be a militant womens libber or domesticated former male eunuch to be offended by something this silly.
As a Conservative I feel there are far more important issues to concern myself with like Obama's destruction of the U. S. Constitution, our society and Nation.
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Posted 1326 days ago
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Lastbaldeagle - F U AGAIN

Go Live in SAUDI ARABIA where you belong.
Posted 1325 days ago
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Bet your little knees are jerking hard enough to give you whiplash.

Bet your mother is proud of your command of the English language and your clever use of acronyms.

What day is your monthly meeting of your LBGT chapter?
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