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Ўзбекистонда 29 мартда Президентлик сайлови бўлиб ўтади. Унга барча сиёсий партиялар ўз номзодларини илгари сурди: Бирдамлик" Халқ Демократик Ҳаракатидан – Баҳодир Чориев, ЎзЛиДеПдан – Ислом Каримов, Халқ демократик партиясидан – Ҳотамжон... More Ўзбекисонда ким Президент бўлсин?
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Made popular 13 days ago in Politics — Walzer doesn’t understand how opposition to a misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, anti-free-speech theocratic strain of totalitarianism could make a person a “racist” (a particularly inapt term for prejudice against Muslims, who are... More Do you think Islamphobic is
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Made popular 20 days ago in Opinion
It’s just as bad to support kangaroo courts in colleges that make it easy for men to be falsely accused of rape as it is to be someone who accuses rape victims of having “brought it on themselves” by wearing short skirts. More Do you
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